RCF M602 Two Way Passive Loudspeaker

• High Quality 2-way passive loudspeaker
• 2 x 6.5” woofer, vented
• 1 x 1” in driver, on 90°x90° CD horn
• High Power Handling ‘Low Impedance Compensated Crossover’, with electronic protection for the driver
• 160W AES power handling
• Steel Front Grille with robust double mesh polyester clothing
• Rotatable RCF front logo
• Installation points are available on the rear panel, top and bottom
• All models have a 4-pin EUROBLOCK connector (audio input and parallel link output)

 12.510,83  10.008,66

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The RCF M602 is a multipurpose two-way twin woofer full-range cabinet loudspeaker, suitable for a wide range of foreground and background music applications including more demanding audio visual installations.

The compact elegantly designed trapezoidal cabinet is constructed from 12mm MDF with a steel grill and black finish.

The M602 includes dual robust 5,5” woofers, 1,2” voice coil, mounted in an optimally vented enclosure and a 1” compression driver with a 1” voice coil, specifically designed to provide smooth, bright and clear high-frequency reproduction on a 90°x90° CD horn.

The SPL and the level of undistorted sound the RCF M602 speaker can reach are far above any expectation from such a compact solution and offers high performance speech reproduction.

The RCF M 602 features high sensitivity typical of the PRO audio cabinets thanks to the use of oversized magnets and an HI-FI sound quality with smooth and wide frequency response performed thanks to theKapton diaphragm compression driver loaded on a constant directivity horn.

The LICC crossover design includes a protection on high frequency device.


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